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Is Chewing Gum Safe for Teeth?

As long as it’s the right type of gum, chewing gum can actually have many great benefits for your smile. Here’s what you need to know about chewing gum and your oral health!

Look at the Gum Ingredients

First and foremost, chewing sugar-filled gum is not safe for teeth. Chewing gum with sugar can increase your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. The safest type of gum to chew is sugar-free gum. Many kinds of sugar-free gum contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth. All gum should be kept out of reach of dogs, but be particularly careful about keeping gum with xylitol away from your furry friends since it is toxic for them.

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Can Enhance Your Oral Health

Sugar-free chewing gum can have a positive impact on your oral health if you do not have jaw issues or temporomadibular joint dysfunction. Avoid chewing gum if it causes your jaw to hurt, click, or pop.

Chewing gum can increase saliva production. Increased saliva production helps wash away harmful bacteria and acids that can harm teeth and cause cavities. Chewing gum can also grab any trapped food debris that may be stuck between teeth or in the grooves of the molars in the back of your mouth. Chewing sugar-free gum after eating can benefit your smile by preventing cavities, strengthening enamel, and keeping plaque and harmful bacteria at bay.

Overdue for a Routine Dental Checkup?

In conjunction with maintaining a daily at-home oral hygiene routine and enjoying the benefits of chewing sugar-free gum, make sure you’re also scheduling regular dental checkups. Donald Kim, DDS, loves helping patients achieve and maintain great oral health. At your twice-yearly checkups, our dental team will thoroughly examine your smile to ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape. We will also perform a careful teeth cleaning treatment to remove any plaque and tartar buildup.

So if you’re overdue for your next dental visit, don’t wait any longer. Please contact Donald Kim, DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Monroe, WA, to schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing your smile in our office!


October 29, 2022 2:26 am
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