Same-Day Dental Crowns in Monroe, WA

Many people will experience damage to a permanent tooth over their lifetimes, whether from injury or infection. A severely damaged tooth can also bring down the esthetics of your smile and have a serious impact on your self-confidence. If you’re in need of restorative services for a damaged tooth, Donald Kim, DDS offers high-quality custom dental crowns that will get your smile back in shape. Dental crowns are like sturdy, natural-looking ‘caps’ that cover and protect the affected tooth. Best of all, you can get everything done in one visit rather than waiting weeks. If you’re in need of smile restoration, give our Monroe office a call today to schedule your consultation!

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How Do Single Visit Crowns Work?

Traditional crowns are placed over the course of two visits. They require an initial consultation where impressions of your mouth are taken. Those impressions are then sent on to a lab where custom crowns are made over a span of a couple of weeks. In the meantime, patients are often fitted with temporary crowns that aren’t customized to blend in with their natural teeth. CEREC same-day crowns simplify this process by allowing us to take digital impressions and immediately create your crowns right in the office.

Are Same-Day Crowns More Expensive?

With the added convenience that same day crowns provide, many people would expect a significant jump in pricing. However, the end result is often that patients end up saving money. Most of the differences in pricing to create a crown will depend more on the materials used. We use the same high-quality porcelain you’d receive from a lab. Fewer appointments and the lack of a need for a temporary crown will also help to cut the costs of the procedure. As with all of our treatments we strive to make dental care affordable, by offering a variety of flexible payment options

How Long Will My Dental Crowns Last?

Single visit crowns are just as durable as traditional crowns, and both are intended to last a long time. They require care and attention, just like your natural teeth, but with a bit of maintenance, they can last for up to 15 years! We recommend continuing to have regular dental checkups to help keep track of when the crowns might need to be repaired or replaced.

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